Data Protection Policy

The organizer has the right to use the personal data of the participant to promote events organized by the Sports service of Lausanne and to publish photos and videos taken during the event. The official photographer "Sportograf" is authorized to take photos of participants and to sell them on his website. In case of disagreement with one or the other condition, the participant will notify the organizer in writing latest 10 days before the event.

To promote the regional triathlons, the organizer has the right to authorisze Datasport to forward the data of the participants of 16 years old and more (last name, first name and email address) registered last year or for upcoming edition to the regional triathlons of Geneva, Nyon and Yverdon-les-Bains. These data will be exclusively used to promote their own triathlton with newsletters and/or electronic mailings. In case of disagreement, the participant will notify the organizer as soon as he became aware of this clause.




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