Relay transitions

The transitions of all categories Relay are made in front of the fountain of the Olympic Museum. The goal is to decongest the transition area and to avoid collisions between the athletes.


The drawings below give an overview of each transition between the swimmer and the cyclist (plan 1) and between the cyclist and the runner (plan 2).

To summerise, the swimmer after the exit of the water must reach the "square" (marked area) in front of the Olympic Foutain and give the chip to his team-mate cyclist. The latter has before put his bike in the transition area at the number assigned to him. The cyclist enter then is the transition area to pick up his bike and start the race. At the end of his race, the cyclist returns again in the "square" and give the chip to the runner.

3 athletes must take part to the relay. We don't allow an athlete to compete in two disciplines.

IMPORTANT : after each transition, we urge athletes to immediately leave the "square" to avoid to be in each other's way.


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