Swiss Triathlon Federation rules for the Triathlon of Lausanne are the following :


Data chip

Each participant must return his data chip when passing the finish line or send it back by post to Triathlon de Lausanne, Case postale 245, 1000 Lausanne 18, in a cardboard envelope within 5 days after the event. Data chips not returned will be charged at the prize of CHF 50.00 each.


All relevant information about fighting doping, in particular forbidden substances, the authorized medication, the add-ons, control validity, special authorizations, rights and obligations, are available on



Drafting is only authorized for the  Junior European Cup, Youth League and Team Relay. It is prohibited for all other categories.


Illegal equipment

All kind of earpiece, headphone, earphone, or any other device reproductive of sound that can limit the attention or reduce the listening are prohibited. Contravener will be disqualified. Moreover, glass bottles are forbidden. Swisstriathlon reglement - art. 7.2, letter f and art. 8.4.



Each competitor must acquire personal liability and health insurance which offers the legally necessary guarantees to compete in the Triathlon of Lausanne. The organizers assume no responsibility in the case of accident, material damage, personal injury, loss or theft.



A competition license Swiss Triathlon or from a foreign federation affiliated to ITU/ETU is mandatory for following category :

  • Classic - Swiss Triathlon Circuit (1500/40/10)

Those who have not an annual license must imperatively buy a daily license at the time of the online registration through Datasport website at the price of CHF 30.00.


Affiliation reglement and annual license 2017 from Swiss Triathlon



The organizers assume no responsibility in the case of accident, material damage or personal injury, or in the case of loss or theft. Each individual participant takes part in the Lausanne Triathlon at its own risk.


Wetsuit policy

STC Olympic and Youth League competitors please refer to the page 16 of Swiss Triathlon competition rules. For all categories the wetsuit is forbidden if the temperature is above 22° however it is mandatory if the lake temperature is less than 16°. The referee will decide one hour before the start if it is allowed depending on the temperature difference between the air and the water. Information will be available at the pontoon one hour before the start and given by the speaker. The lake temperature will be put up at the entrance of the accreditation office and it is also available at any time on the homepage of our website.



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